Sid Meier's Pirates! Limited Edition DVD



How can I copy the game with its protection?

I tried it with Auto-mode of BlindWrite, but it didn’t work. The game knew that it is a backup when I started it.

There is another topic here about the game, but I think it refers to the CD edition.

What program do I need to copy the game with its copy protection? What settings do I need?

The CD Freaks Offline Help doesn’t help at all for copying protected game DVDs.

Has anyone sucessfully copied that game? Can you please post a step-by-step instruction?

Thanks in advance.


Without any emulation, it is not possible…


You can try this


Hi I can confirm that for Sid Meier’s Pirates! Limited Edition DVD (SecuROM using Blindwrite and following the guide Kalas posted above makes a superb working backup!

Note I used Blindwrite Version, BWA Builder 5, and BW5Tweaker 1.5.6


[URL=http://www.No cracks permitted on this forum :cop:

No CD crack I found… replace your executable… works great.


Using what DVD burner?


Using what burner?