Sick of Nero

I got Nero included with my Sony DVD burner and am tired of the default parameters that you have to choose from.

I am looking for two recommendations:

First, a utility that I can run against my mpeg, avi, divx, or ogm that will give me a diagnostic report. This report would list the source format details like frame size, frame rate, compression method, compression rate, etc.

Second, a DVD creator program that would allow me to choose my burn parameters so I could minimize the loss caused by format conversion. It has to accept avisynth input also.

I do not mind paying for a good program. I just do not want to waste time and money making coasters while trying out new programs.

Any suggestions?

First: GSpot, google for it as I can’t remember the site it comes from.

Second: I use seperate converting and burning programmes. The conversion progs I use are called Main Concept, google for it, there is a restricted free trisal of the prog to see if it suits your needs and then you have to pay for it, and TMPGEnc again a free trial then pay.

For burning I use TMPGEnc DVD Author, it allows for chapter setting, menu making etc then sets up the file to be burnt, free to try and then you have to pay.

I have yet to be let down by these progs.


The GSpot format analyzer is great. I have more information than I know what to do with now.

I am still looking at the trans/encoding and burning programs and will get back to you on those.

Any other suggestions are welcome in the meantime.


  YukiSaru (SnowMonkey)

I don’t blame you! Who isn’t? If it was any good they wouldn’t be including it free with your burner.

I have to agree with JayC30 Main Concept should be all you need for what you are doing! I found it and Canopus ProCoder to work well just to quickly put something on DVD so I can watch it on TV. Anything for the big screen home theatre I found Cinema Craft Encoder works well it has more control over the encoding and can notice the difference.

The reason I use MC and TMPGEnc for re-encoding video files is that sometimes there is a file MC just can’t do properly and so I resort to TMPGenc which tends to do it. MC is faster though.


I am currently testing (figuring out how to run) TMPGEncoder. My first attempt resulted in a great MV2 Video track and a deafmute WAV track. I probably chose the wrong option. But when I get a good output, then I will try to burn it with the other TMPG utility.

Speed is not an issue since multimedia is what I do for fun when I am not working. Can you point me to a “How to” outside of the user guide? Or should I go to another forum?


         The Snow Monkey


You can still use those files in TMPGEnc DVD Author, same people also free trial. I prefer Main Concept, I rarely use TMPGEnc nower days and would have to go through the process to remember what to do.

As to how toswell for everything video related go to can’t beat that site for guides.

All the above sounds complicated to me but I can sympathise, I got sick of nero giving up on burning half way through discs.
The last time I used it I ended up with 6 part burned Philips +RW and wasted 4 hours.
I downloaded Ashampoo 6 and within 15 minutes I had copied the film I wanted and on one of the Rw’s that Nero failed to burn.