SHW160P6S for a NON tech savvy user

I am doing a bit of upgrades on my parents PC and decided to add a DVDRW drive (currently has a CD reader only). My mom sometimes burns CDs on here laptop, but the burner is messing up every now and then, so I think DVD burner on the desktop will be a good idea, and who buys CD burneres in this day and age :smiley:

Newegg have nice deal on the SHW160P6S @ $35.99 with free shipment:

So I am wondering if this will be a trouble free (VERY IMPORTANT) drive, and is it a good CD burner? and reliable? :confused:

I was initially going to go with a BenQ 1650 since that is what I am using and I am pretty happy with mine. Personally I have never used Lite-on drives.

get the 160p6s and update it to the newest firmware. shouldn’t make any problems.

what are you guys talking about



You can grab a Benq 1650 for $5 more, so if you’re familiar with that drive and like it already, I’d just go with that.


actually I grabbed a 1655 for 4 dollars more. newegg had them for 40 + free shipment for an 8 hour sale (that’s cheaper than I got my 1650 only a few weeks ago :(). So I just went with the tried and trusted.

Thanx anyway, and sorry for the trouble :stuck_out_tongue: