SHW-16H5S: Strange behaviour when reading


I’ve got a “brand new” (manufactured Sep 2005) Liteon SHW-16H5S. That drive was bought because of the good reviews regarding DAE.

Well, I put in a audio-CD (pressed) and started CD/DVD speed to try out my new baby.
The scan looks nice, doesn’t it?

I took the CD off and rebooted.

Then I performed the scan again.
Look much smoother, but quite slow:

Have you tried another cd?

My question is:

what is going on there? Okay, I must admit that that CD might not be of the quality a pressed CD should be. (Normal Audio CD, no protection or similar, bought in retail store)

I would understand that there might be reading problems, but there should be no severe error. But I don’t understand that the drive reads that disc some minutes later without any glitches.

Should I return the drive?


I will do so.
Also I will perform that test with two other drives, LG GSA-4163B and XJHD-166S (great reader), and will post the scans here.


Scanned that disc with my XJHD166S
DAE-quality seems a little bit poor with that disc:

Same disc scanned with LG GSA-4163B:

I gave it another try (same disc, 16H5S):
No comment.

Another disc seems to work fine (second picture). I must mention, that both discs are unscratched.

But I am very disappointed about the fact that the Liteon apparently has problems reading problematic discs, and that the results are not reproducible.


finally I decided to bring that drive back to the dealer for refund. A drive that doesn’t deliver reproducable results is useless crap.

Good bye Liteon.