SHW-16H5S slow and bad EAC audio ripping


I’m no newbee in DAE but I’ve been experiencing problems with my 16H5S when ripping audio-cd’s.

First of all, the drive seems to perform really within normal boundaries when it comes to burning DVD and CD. I’ve gotten some nice results there. Also reading back older DVD’s and CD-ROMS’s (with higher C1 and C2 values due age and not always the best media) works great. The data comes off perfectly.

For audio CD’s, when I do a K-probe scan:

  1. It is faster than my NEC 3540 and Aopen AAP 1648 PRO
  2. It reports fewer errors than those other drives

So I’m thinking I might use this drive top EAC-rip my audio’s that really need some good error recovery. BUT:

  1. The drive performs really slow. Yes this drive caches, I know but it doesn’t really seem to spin up. So my speed stays locked at 3.8X during the whole rip (in secure mode). I can use the old CD-speed “speed-trick” to make the drive spin up and than I get my real speed of about 20x near the end of the disk.
  2. The error correction is really awful. Even the slightest of errors can not be corrected --> sync error. When there are slightly more errors on the disc the drive even tends to look up completely.
    My NEC and AOPEN can correct these errors and they give worse C1-C2-scans !

Does anybody have an explanation for this ? Or some advice? I’m using the latest official firmware and I have all the right settings in EAC.

My configuration is:

  • NEC 3540 is master on IDE 1.
  • AOPEN AAP 1648 PRO is slave on IDE 1.
  • LITE-ON 16H5S is master on IDE 2.
  • 2 maxtor hard-drives on SATA.

Thanks, any help is much appreciated.
Kind regards,

would never use a DVD Writer for ripping, especially audio

But such bad results when c1/c2-scans are so good can’t be normal, right? NEC 3540 performs decent (not like aopen, but still very acceptable)

it could be that EAC doesn’t yet support the 1635s (mechanism by which to flush the cache on the 1635s, etc.)

I was thinking something like that too but CD-freaks review of this drive deals with EAC too and Dee get good burst results and reasonable secure results. And I’ve newer firmware.

Now I’m thinking more of something like an alternative aspi ?

Hi :slight_smile:
luchtgitaar, where did you get this newer f/w. In Dee’s review f/w is LSOT. The latest f/w I can find is LSOR.

I have LSOR… I thought that one was newer… I could be wrong… I’ve been googling so much on this drive that I might have gotten my facts mixed up.

I’ve never gotten any of my drives to hit 20X with EAC in the secure mode. Didn’t know it was possible.
I’m barely lucky to get any drive to hit 7X on a track in the EAC’s secure mode.

Lite-On LTD-163D
Lite-On XJ-HD166S
Lite-On LTR-40125S
Lite-On LTR-52246S
Lite-On LDW-811S
Lite-On SOHW-1673S
Lite-On SOHW-1633S
BenQ DW1620
BenQ DW1640 (Plextor PX-740A)
NEC ND-3500A (does not cache audio)

Try checking Spin up drive before extraction in EAC Drive Options. It motivates my LTR-52327S to work at ~15x.

[QUOTE=Nemesys]I’ve never gotten any of my drives to hit 20X with EAC in the secure mode. Didn’t know it was possible.
I’m barely lucky to get any drive to hit 7X on a track in the EAC’s secure mode.

Well, once I perform the speed-trick (making the drive speed up with k-probe or cd-speed first) it performs at a decent level.

But a litte slower doesn’t bother me. It’s just that C1/C2-scans indicate this drive might have the best error correction of all my drives (and I have some crappy old CDR-audios that need error recovery!) and it performs really bad. I can not handle the slightest of errors, neither on pressed discs or CDR’s. (that’s just for audio, data & video are doing great)

I’ve done that. That would be under Drive Options.

My drives have no problem hitting those speed in the burst mode or with other rippers that might not be as thorough as EAC in the secure mode.
But never in the secure mode with EAC.

Spinning up the drive makes no difference because the drive’s RPM will drop at the beginning of each track and slowly build back up.

But like I said, any of my drives can hit 15X with EAC in the burst mode, not the secure mode with Track Quality 100.0%.
At least not using the The Ãœbernet’s Ãœberstandard Configurations. ÃœberStandard 3.1 Specification

Of course you could compromise error correction for speed by putting a check mark next to “Drive is capable of retrieving C2 error information”.

You will gain 15X and 20X ripping speed in the secure mode at the expense of error correction. This reduces the accuracy of the ripped tracks and creates issues on discs that are difficult to read such as badly scratched discs.

Try ripping without this option checked and you should see an improvement in error correction. Note that your rip speed will be much slower though.

Error correction is best done at slower speeds.

Don’t forget to restart EAC for the changes to take effect.