SHW-16H5S read issue

Just got my new SHW-16H5S today, but although it can read DVD directory structures fine, it can’t access any files on either DVD Rs or originals - is this normal behaviour for a faulty drive or could it be something else…?

Maybe your faulty drive, my 16H5S performs very well, although i had to RMA 2 my drives! One had strange sounds, the other made bad burns, this one is silent and very nice burner, you can take a look here:

And if you’re getting some problems with your, try RMA it, or write me pm
Good luck

Could a faulty IDE cable have this effect? I tried plugging in the other connector on the same IDE cable and it appears to read the same DVD’s fine… Don’t want to send the drive back if all is OK!

I wonder HOW ther cable could be faulty :slight_smile:
But if it works well now you shouldn’t send the drive back, just change the cable and make some scans (burst rate/transfer rate tests @ Nero CDSpeed) :slight_smile: