SHW-16H5S (LV4D): Power calibration errors with CMC MAG E01!

Hi guys,
I have a SHW-16H5S with test firmware LV4D. It gives me Power Calibration Errors with a batch of CMC MAG E01, independent of what I select in SMART-BURN (Force HT+OHT, Force HT, none). I haven’t tested other batches of CMC MAG E01 yet.
I’ve noticed similar issues with Prodisc-made MCC 003, but it burns the MCC 003 if Force HT and OHT are both turned off.
Is this something to worry? Can I get the CMC to work in this Litey or do I need another drive?

EDIT: It’s okay. I downgraded to LS0R from the Codeguys and now it burns the CMCs. The test firmwares do have their bugs :frowning:

Actually not a surprise that my Litey warned me! :Z
This was el-cheapo supermarket CMC.
(No, I didn’t spend my money on stuff like that, I got this from a friend… :iagree: )

[B]Hi kg_evilboy[/B]

I have no troubles burning CMC MAG E01 with my 16H5S, various brands -R and +R.
I am using the FBD version of LV4D with only OHT turned on. I did an OPC reset and used Force HT when I first used the firmware.