SHW-16H5S -> 1635S crossflash: need modified EEPROM

I flashed my SHW-16H5S (formerly LV4D) with codeguys’ SHW-1635S YS0Z firmware, because I wanted to try an official firmware supporting HT/OHT (disabling LightScribe, but this wasn’t important for me anyway).
Now the LED is blinking all the time, and the drive will neither read or write discs.
I believe that the EEPROM needs to be changed.

Does anybody know how to modify the SHW-16H5S EEPROM so that the SHW-1635S firmware can be used?
If anybody can help me and modify the EEPROM, it would be great.
Thanks in advance :flower:

(Attached are two older EEPROM backups, the LV4D one contains HT/OHT data for MBI-made MCC 004.)

Oh, and I can’t flash back to LS0W either. It seems that the codeguys’ YS0Z doesn’t care about the drive model but the LS0W sure does… :eek:

I have done the same things as you, with the same results. Fortunately, I have re-flashed back my 16h5s to (truly original) sony dw-q31A with its latest firmware, LYS7. The flasher I´ve used is “Flash Utility for LiteOn Based Optical Drives V 2.0.1”, and the firmware, the LYS7.BIN.
Once I have a Sony DW-q31A perfectly working, now it´s possible crossflash it to 16h5s/LV4D.
Hope it helps. Good luck!