SHW-1635S wrongly recognised in Windows

Hi, I’m new here, and hopefully I can get some help here. I bought a Liteon SHW-1635S drive, connected it up like the instructions (master on secondary). Windows has detected that I’ve got a new drive, but can’t seem to tell what it is. It has it recognised as a SCSIVAX CD/DVD rom drive, and so of course it won’t do anything. I tried using a few firmwire flashing programs, but they refuse to work because it’s not recognised as a Liteon drive. I’ve tried reinstalling it in Windows, and reinstalling the secondary IDE channel, but nothing seems to have worked.

Do you have any “virtual” drive programs, like “Virtual DAEMON Manager” installed ?? It installs a ‘placeholder’ drive designation. On my system, this shows up:

OC5866U UYQ873I SCSI CdRom Device

It normally takes the “next” available drive letter but I don’t recall if it changes if you add a new drive (HDD, optical, flash, etc).

If you run this, compmgmt.msc /s from Start, Run, then choose Disk Management, then look in the lower-right, what shows up ??

Yes, I did have a virtual drive, through Alcohol 120%. I ran Computer Management, but nothing was down there. I uninstalled Alcohol, and after I restarted, the drive in My Computer had gone, which leads to think that I’ve been exceptionally stupid and mistaken the virtual drive for the DVD-RW drive…

Only problem now is that the new drive doesn’t come up at all in Windows, so I must have put it in wrongly (I did think I was being awfully lucky!), but I’m not really sure where I went wrong. I reinstalled the Secondary IDE channel on the off chance that the new drive would come up, but it just registered the old one again. I’m not really much of a hardware person, so I’m guessing I’ve bungled up somewhere. For example, does the connector on the IDE cable you use matter? Does the master have to go on the end of the cable, or the middle, or anything like that? I’ll check jumpers again, because that’s probably where I went wrong, but any other suggestions would be appreciated.

As for which connector to use, it depends. I ran into this myself very recently… If you’re using 80-wire cable, I believe you have to use the “right” connector. Is that the end or middle ?? I don’t recall. If you’re using an older, 40-wire cable, it does not matter. Then again, I may have these backwards. It seems to me that the newer, 80-wire setup is redundant in that you must use the proper connector and set the jumper. With 40-wire, you could use the end or the middle and the jumper made everything okay.

Hmm, changing connectors could be a bit of a problem, physically connecting them up. I had a bit of a job getting it into the set up it is now, with the master on the middle connector. I’m not sure if they’d even be able to reach. The instructions say it’s best for the drive to be master. Is that really necessary?

It is better for a burner to be the Secondary Master, especially if the other drive on that channel is a harddrive (HDD activity can screw up your burn.) If the other drive is a CD-Rom or DVD-Rom I don’t think it’s as big a deal, but then you probably don’t really need that -Rom drive, either.
As for the 80pin cable, the Master does need to be on the end connector. I don’t know why, I’m not much into the technical stuff, but that’s what I keep getting told.
Good luck getting everything rearranged in the case! I just had to move my HDDs around to fit a new VGA cooler, not fun.