SHW-1635s was it a mistake?

I just bought this drive friday and found this forum today?
I now worried i should of opted for the BenQ or pioneer ,should i stick with it and the firmware update will iron out the problems that have been posted.

The promblem i’ve had is burning ISO files on DVD-R (PINK arita 8x) ,keep getting "Reading data error "or ""Burning error ",When i installed the drive i also installed Nero 7 that may be the problem,i tried going back to nero 5.5 but it didnt see the drive.
Also tried a 48x Verbatim CD-R ,i ticked the “determin max speed” and it only wrote it at 24x

I’ve changed firmware from YSOG to YSOR hope this hepls
Any Comments welcome

thanks nyck

probably bad media - post media code please - use dvdidentifer from

It says it’s a RITEKG05

I used the same DVD’s with no problem with my Pioneer 105 with nero 5.5

thanks for the help

Try DVD Decrypter, burn a disc at 4x speed and scan with latest KProbe2. :wink:
Attach the scan with your next post.

What type of compilation did you use in Nero?

nero 7 still has problems to be ironed out in the next release, try the latest version 6 and different media, some ritek are not the best quality

It looks like the 2 ISO files i was burning are at fault,i kept get “Read data error (cycle dundance check)”
I tried another that was OK

With your help i manage to scan the disk

thanks nyck

You need to set the scan speed to 4x in KProbe (not Max speed).

You need to match the media to the drive. In my experience, RitekG05 media only works well on Pioneer drives.

Sorry i thought i was burn at 4x and then scan,hope this OK


Well - that’s not too bad. That should be readable in everything, and of medium quality lets say. The general guide with liteon is PI peaks 280 and PIF peaks 4 is a readable disc. ALways, the lower the better, and a good disc usually has PI peak of 50 for me. A very good disc has it under 20 and an excellent disc under 10. That’s how i key my burns but generally should be few troubles there.

Remember that these scans aren’t always reliable. Just becasue the scan looks good, there might be other factors that can cause the disc not to work properly. best to try and read it at 16x in a speedpatched drive and see that the curve is smooth. A lot of bumps = bad readability.

Ritek G05 is not a very good type of media, and ARITA is just pure CRAP!!! I have tried those long ago, and I was getting good result only when burning at lower speeds like 4X or 6X.

Well, to put it simply … that burn looks Ok for the time now, but people have been experiencing data loss (fading) in short periods of time (<1yr) on RITEKG05, ritek obviously not recommended.

Thanks for everyones help
I’ve now downgrade to nero ,

keepup the good work