SHW-1635S Ripping Problem

Last night, I tried ripping the movie “Minority Report” from the original DVD. My brand new Lite-On SHW-1635S ripped for over an hour and got to about 5 GB in files, but it was writing VERY slowly at that point. So, I stopped the rip and tried it in my NEC 3550A. No problem. It ripped and burned very quickly. Then, when I was watching the movie from the original disk, it froze at about the 39 minute mark. On a hunch, I switched over to the DVD-RW I burned as a test on the NEC, and it played flawlessly.

The reason I bought the NEC is that my Sony drive has problems ripping some movies. I knew that some or all Sony drives were Lite-On, but I thought Sony might have different firmware that screws up the rips. It appears that the Lite-Ons and Sonys are going to exhibit the same behavior in this regard.

I will probably return the Lite-On drive. Sony’s draconian efforts to defeat even legitimate copying have caused me not to buy anything with their name on it in the last few years. If Lite-On is the same as Sony, I guess I’ll have to avoid them, too. Otherwise, it seems to be a good drive.

perhaps there was a physical error on the disc itself that the nec had no problems with?

As it happens, I use Minority Report as a test disc for ripping speeds. My 1635 rips it at 12x with no trouble.

That’s interesting. So, does that mean that Lite-On and Sony do not have the same problems with ripping? I have confirmed that the Sony drive cannot rip and then burn some movies without having freezing in the playback. The NEC drive does not have the problem. If the Lite-On is different from the Sony in that respect, I’ll keep it. I burned a Taiyo Yuden disk in the 1635 this morning and got a Quality Score of 95.

What does this have to do with ripping speeds? The LO with stock FW will rip video at 8x, I don’t know about the Sony FW.

PLayback issues on a burned disc have nothing to do with how it was originally ripped before burning.