SHW-1635S=philps spd2400?

i own philps spd2400
is this drive equivalent to SHW-1635S
if yes which frimware to put him

Yes it is. Get the latest from the Liteon site, should update just fine.

what is the different between the firmwares
spd2400 vs 1635s

shuld i replace it to nec 3550 at the same price ?

The 1635S firmware is much better supported & there’s an active thread here with some test firmware that’s showing good results.

Can’t comment on whether a 3550 is better for the money but I’m pleased with my purchase of the Philips that’s now a Liteon.

If you’re in the UK then SVP are doing it for £20. Even shipping to Europe would still be wuite cheap.

no i from middle east
do you have a link ?

This link takes you straight to the burner page.


i try the new firmware of Liteon 1635S YSOX and he not let to flash
he write "no match…only to Liteon 1635S

OK go to the codeguys site & get YS0W from there.Flash with that - that’s actually what I did - & then after a reboot flash with YS0X.
It’s here

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last question
at the same price i can get :
LG 4167b
NEC 3550
what do you say ?

LG 4167B I think might be the better one.