SHW-1635S clone available at



GIGABYTE White IDE DVD Burner Model GO-W1623A - Retail

The specs and the front bezel layout match the 1635S, and the previous Gigabyte-branded drive was a 3S Lite-On…

Any volunteers? :slight_smile:


It looks like a Lite-On and I would say it is a Lite-On but may or may not be the 1635S ???


If the specs match and the bezel matches (esp. the missing audio stuff), then I’m 99% sure that it’s a 5S.

Got any firmwares?



Enlarge View Support for both DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW media, 16x high speed DVD+/-R writing and 8x Double layer writing. From 4.7G up to 8.5G media capacities support.

Media Support List
I.B.S Technology

GIGABYTE’s I.B.S (intelligent Burn SuperLink) technology avoid any under buffer run happened, assure your record quality and avoid the failure which interrupt by any of inter running program.
i-Burn Technology
i-Burn Technology delivers a high burning quality solution for data storage you never experience. GO-W1623A DVD-Rewriter will auto detect the optimal recording speed to ensure your backup data quality.
i-Speed Technology
With i-Speed Technology design, the GIGABYTE GO-W1623A DVD-Rewriter automatically adjusts the reading speed while different type of media has been detected.
VRS & Ultra Quiet Design
The VRS (Vibration Reduction System) and Ultra Quiet design offers unparalleled performance and quiet working environment for any system.
Vertical & Horizontal mounting
The GIGABYTE GO-W1623A DVD-Rewriter offers the best reliability, compatibility and excellent performance of data seeking / reading for all support media at vertical or horizontal position.
Low-Profile Design
With low profile design, the GO-W1623A DVD-Rewriter is more suitable to use in small form factor PC without any heat problem.

media_support_list_w1623a.pdf (24.4 KB)


Well. I guess that we’re going to wait until somebody gets it and gets it replaced :slight_smile: