SHW-1635S CD-Burning Issues

Ok, heres the deal, an uncle of mine just got an Acer Aspire desktop with the 1635S drive. Since day one he has had intermittent issues with CD burning. Media and burning software seem to be independent of the issue, as I have told him of the possible issues with different media, and possible burner program problems. He has tried HP to memorex to TDK…issue pops up intermittently regardless. I installed Nero, and Roxio, along with the preinstalled burner program (forget what it is.) Anyway as per most experienced, I understand that facts and info are crucial to figuring this out. I researched the forum up and down, and after a few hours of reading my brain is about fried…

Heres my results:

Error trying to flash:

Similar Issue:

Help! 5/19/06:

My SOHW-1633S/1653S has difficulties with CD media.

After reading all of this,

1.) Others have shared my grief with upgrading the flash via LiteOn’s site due to the fact that its an OEM drive.

2.) It seems that the flash upgrades have not resolved the issue.

3.) I should do this anyway (backup and flash firmware and EEPROM data), as well as check DMA settings first prior to sending it out for a replacement.

Please let me know if I am missing anything, or if anyone else has had this issue as well.

P.S. Im not %100, (will find out for sure), but I believe the drive is attatched via SATA. (does that make any difference? if it is instead of IDE)

Anybody got any suggestions?