SHW-1635s, can't change booktype

I’m trying to set the booktype of my SHW-1635s. The firmware on it is DR16YS0W When run the booktype setting utility from the LiteOn home pages it says the drive is detected but not supported by the program. Does anyone know what I should do to change the booktypes?

Use the booktype-change function in DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn or Nero’s CD/DVD Speed or even Nero’s main burning app.

In Nero CD Speed the options are greyed out.

I’ve tried using some in app setting but I don’t think its working. When I check the disc with Nero after I have burned it, the disc type still says DVD+R or DVD+R DL.

If you use Nvidia drivers, try exchanging them for Microsoft Standard drivers.

DISC TYPE cannot be changed!

Sorry…I ment booktype.

i have this problem too Any way i can get the LiteON booktype programe to work again!!

before was working then sometime later it wasn’t working all the sudden!!

Nero CD-DVD Speed will show a +R disc as +R unless you go to File/Otions and change
Disc info to booktype instead of disc type. Liteons Booktype 153 can be kinda confusing to set. Put in a +R disc, open Booktype 135, query, and change to Rom if not already set to Rom and check the save setting box.

I have a 1693 and have also realized all the problems you report above. However, when I set the booktype with the Liteon tool, and burn a +R disc, it is reported by CDSpeed as a ROM. I have to assume there is some sort of problem with these utilities and the Liteon reporting. But if it burns as a ROM, I am satisfied. You should check one of your burned discs after you set with the bitsetting tool from Liteon and see what you actually have.

I’ve been having the exact same problem with my 16H5S. The liteon booktype utility says the drive is detected but not supported. Liteon’s tech support hasn’t been able to help.
I’ve tried some of the suggestions here, but nothing works. I’ve been thinking that it’s a problem with the Nvidia IDE drivers, and now I see that another member thinks the same. Unfortunately I’m not about to change my IDE drivers that work fine just to change the bitsetting options.
Too bad liteon can’t fix this or find some workaround. NECs had problems with Nvidia’s IDE drivers too, but my 3500 works fine (with bitsetting).

I have Nvidia’s IDE drivers installed as well. They seem to becausing problems with a few programs I have installed.

Maybe I shouldn’t post this, but have you tried DVDInfo Pro. :wink:

Yeah… I know the commands are the same no matter what app you use, but still.

Blasphemer… :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t hurt to try the M$'s IDE driver, besides, you can always reinstall the nVidia IDE driver. It seems to be more of an issue with Mediatek (and possibly others like NEC and Panasonic) other than the manufacturer that conflicts with nVidia. These chipsets were probably made to work with the default O/S and not some 3rd party driver. As for the 3500, you either used Mad Dog’s or modified firmware to get bitsetting since the original never had it, with the exception of +R9.

Yes, of course I used modified firware. The point is bitsetting worked despite reports that it wouldn’t with Nvidia drivers.
Anyway, I mostly use my NEC for burning, so bitsetting on the liteon doesn’t matter that much.

Well, the way I figured out how to get the silly booktype program to work is to copy the WNASPI32.DLL 160K nero version to where the booktype.exe is.
Yeah, it just that silly.

Actually, if you copy it to your system32 folder then every program will work okay with the Nvidia IDE drivers. :wink:

Thanks to captylor and pinto2 for their suggestions. They both worked ! :cool: