Shw 160p6s


my lite on drive wont recognise there’s a disk in the drive (dvd’s).
annoyingly it picks and chooses what it wants to play. it now wont regonise there’s a disk in the drawer when previously it has played this disk.
i’ve tried re flashing the firmware, so now the warrenty is void i’ve got to get it working properly :slight_smile:



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Do you have problems only with burned discs or also with pressed ones?

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Please read this article first:


sorry, i thought i’d read all the stickies before posting. I’ll try the things it recommends.
I only use the drive for as a dvd player really and for burning audio cds.
the problem only affects proper brought films. it will play Layer Cake, LOTR but wont even recognise there’s a disk in the drive when i put Scary Movie 4 in.
the drive is in a 3 month old acer box.

Scary :wink:

if there are only some commercial discs that are “unreadable”, but not all, I would blame the discs for that. Maybe there is a chance to complain to your vendor.
Also, some copy protection might do its bad work there :frowning:


just to let you all know, i sent this drive back and received a replacement today.
everything works as it should, so far.
thanks for all your help and tips.