Anyone know if this drive is any good? Thanks.


Just bought it few weeks back. Works good for me. Has the famouse -R GAP issue. But, that will soon be sorted out. It is already in a Test F/w.

Upgrade to the Test F/W (PV7U) for properly burning -R. I’ve done it and it works like a charm.

Go ahead


Yes the SHW-160P6S is a very good drive and I been very happy :slight_smile: with it. I liked it so much and Brought the SHW-165P6S as well.


Mine refuses to burn TDK DVD+RW, even with latest stock firmware update (09). My BENQ and Optorite drives has no problem with it. Is there a new/test firmware that would fix that and if so where can I get it? Thanks, this’ve been driving me nuts!


Now, this is interesting… How come Nero InfoTool reports supported speeds down to 2.4x on BenQ DW1640 but only down to 6x on the Lite-On ?!? Same 16x Fuji DVD+R media …

Could this be the reason it can’t burn the 2.4x TDK DVD+RW disc?


Any observations regarding this? Thanks!


I think that’s not the reason you can’t burn that rw well.

If you want to burn 16x rated disc dvd+/-r using 2.4x/2x, use test firmware and force to HT.


Which DVD media did you try with this drive?, I have bought this drive but actually I only use it for quality scan with CD/DVD Speed and Kprobe because I’m really happy with My LG drive for DVD burns.
Someone have some scan to post with good quality media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim?


Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim are not available to me locally so can’t do anything about that.

Do you want to know which -R media I used with this drive? Is it what you asked?


I bought the drive and flashed it to the newest test firmware and am pretty happy with it. I read the hardware is the same as the new burner supporting RAM. Anyone flashed the 160P6S to the 165P6S RAM firmware successfully?