SHW-160P6S stoped working after software install

2 days ago I installed a program called AnyDVD and then the trouble began. My new last October SHW-160P6S drive stopped working. It will not read or write and when I place a disk in it it tells me to insert a disk when I explore it. I have removed the software and un-installed and reinstalled the drive and the NERO software that came with it. with out any luck. Has anyone run into a problem like this before.
Windows XP Media pro SP2.

HELP! Please.

Does it fail to read DVD and CD? It’s likely either dirty or bad laser if it reads 1 but not the other. It’s also possible the drive has died, and checking it in another system should answer whether it’s bad or not.

Thank you will try a cd when I get home tonight and if it fails then I bring it to work tomorrow to see if it will woirk on another system.

I have encounter a problem like this similiar to yours but my drive read all dvd and CD
but it don’t wnt to burn to dvd-r but it will read dvd-r and write to dvd-r
i alwayz used to burn to dvd-r
i have the lastest OEM firmware my liteon i ahev tired reflashed my firmware
i have tired downgrading the firmware and upgradeing the frimware
I did’t do the firmware flashing in DOS i did it in windows with liteon program that does it for
i have tired diffrent PC all the same results
i have tired useing diffren burnign software same result
The funny think is i alwyaz used to burn to dvd-r
it don;t burn dvd-r any more tho