SHW-160P6S - Shall I keep PS09 F/W or upgrade to Test F/W PV7U?



Hi Guys,

Just got me new litey SHW-160P6S. I came with the PS08 firmware which i religiously upgraded to PS09.

PS09 still has the DVD-R gap problem but, atleast it can read those DVD-Rs which it burns unlike with PS08.

I have found out on this forum about the Test F/W PV7U for my litey. It is being said that this F/w fixes the DVD-R Gap issue.

Are they any other CONs for using this Test F/W? Any chances of damaging the Drive or something?

I have downloaded the Test F/W and waiting for a response from you guys.

Hope I get (+)ve responses :wink:


I Flashed the test firmware on my drive when it was first posted here at CD Freaks, no problems when i used it. When the official firmware came out tried it for one day on 4 different Media Codes and Switched back to the test firmware does a lot better job for me. There is a firmware that Codeking posted so you can flash back to regular ps08 and then to ps09 if you choose to.
LiteOn 160P6S Test Firmware Results - Page 2 - LiteOn DVD Burner / Sony DVD Burner - Club CD Freaks


Thanks jamcgrif2.

That’s exactly the answer I was looking for :)) . Flashing my drive now with the Test F/W.


Post some results in the test firmware section for the 160p6s. I love looking at other members scans with different types of media.


a quick question I saw in your sig the msi motherboard that has onboard video too? How do you like it i was thinking about getting one


Sure, I’ll do that. NP.


The board is cool loaded with features. The Onboard Video is decent. Am not a gamer as such but, my bro who is has the same board and he plays games like Max Payne 2 at decent frame rates. It’s a true value for money.

I’d surely recommend it to anyone. 2 of my friends also bought them after they saw mine.


Long time, no see :wink:


Hi! How are you? Am Fine and Back. And Back with a DVD Burner. LOL

Nice seeing someone I know :wink: