SHW-160P6S only recognized for reading?

Hey Guys,

I recently built-my-own box with parts from NewEgg and got an OEM LiteOn SHW-160P6S 16x DVD and CD burner.

Windows recognizes the drive just fine (even says “DVD-RW Drive” in windows explorer) but can only read from the drive. Windows Media Player claims “No CD or DVD Burner detected.” and Windows Explorer will nto let me drag-and-drop files to the drive. I’ve patched to the latest firmware provided by LiteOn as of this evening.

I spoke briefly with a tech support rep on LiteOn’s website and he suggested it will not work with Windows Explorer/Media Player and I would need Nero (which comes with retail drive, not OEM) or some other 3rd party burning software. Is this true?



Try some freeware burning programs: Burnatonce for CD data/audio, Burrrn for CD audio, Imgbrn for image files to CD or DVD, and CDburnerXPpro for data files to CD or DVD. You probably will like these better anyway – and you’ll never use the Windows programs again. If these don’t work, you have other problems. Is it enabled? My Computer/Manage/Disk Management/ find your CD drive right click /Properties/General Device usage enable. I’m not sure why it won’t burn from Media Player, but most of the forum contributers will recommend you use other programs anyway… BTW, sells the OEM version of Nero cheap. I don’t use Nero so I can’t comment on how it works. regards, gamma1

Well, I just tried a demo version of Nero and it works fine, so I guess I’m okay.

I find Windows Explorer very easy to use for file burning, which is why I immediatley go there. It’s nice to be able to drag the files in explorer, right-click, and voila all done!



benfinkel – In WM player 10 go to Tools/Options/Device Tab, select CD drive, click Properties button, Recording tab, Enable CD recording for this drive. I keep this box unchecked because I use the other programs, but you might give it a try…