SHW-160P6S not recognizing disks

so, my problem started when i installed nero incd. i had downloaded this in an attempt to erase a rewritable disc. in order to install the new incd i had to uninstall my previous version of nero. no problems i’ll just reinstall it after i get done doing what i was doing.

something messed up with incd so i just scrapped the idea and went ahead and installed my old nero.

i wanted to rip the audio from a dvd so i stuck the drive in, ripped the audio and everything no problems. went to put another dvd in the drive and it wouldn’t read it. figured something went wrong so i uninstalled the drive and reset the computer. as windows started it recognized the new hardware and tried to install it… that failed. i open the device manager and it said that the drivers where fine but windows couldn’t locate the drive. after this i got a TON of incd errors so i manually uninstalled that and completely uninstalled nero. uninstalled then reinstalled. now windows sees the drive and it shows up in my computer, but it doesn’t recognize a drive. i tried editing the registery to remove the filters and that didn’t work. also, it has the most up to date firmware available (PS0C).

any suggestions? i’ve tried everything i know to do short of buying a new burner (which i really don’t want to do but i might not have a choice).

Get General_Cleantool from the Nero website and use that to get rid of Nero and then reinstall it.

thanks, i’ll try this some time today and let you know what happened