SHW-160P6S in LVW-5005 Success!

When i connect the new drive and switch on the 5005, I get the ‘Hello’ message on the display and nothing happens after that.
Non of the buttons work.

How do I set the new drive to ‘Master’ ?

Read the instructions that came with the drive. It will show you how to change it to a master. Make sure you have the ide cable plugged in fully to fix the Hello only message. Mine did the same thing when I only plugged the electrical plug in the drive so I can open the disk tray. All the command button signals are sent through the Ide cable to the drive. If it’s not connected you only get Hello on panel.

Have a look at the back of the drive and set the black jumper to the master position. There is usually a label on the top to show which pin position is Slave, Master or Cable Select. If there is a series of letters above the pins, these are as follows:

[li]MA = Master
[/li][li]SL = Slave
[/li][li]CS = Cable Select
As cheapnnice mentioned, make sure the IDE cable is firmly pushed in and that the side with the red wire is facing the power connector. Here is an example of what to look out for (photo taken from an NEC drive I have handy). However, just in case the Pin positions are different, double-check with the label:

I took the SHW-160P6S drive out of the 5005 and put it into my external drive case. I tried playing the same Double Layer disks on it. They played with less freezing but they still froze. I also updated the firmware to PS0A. Same thing. They did play better on my computer’s DVD/CD rom but they still froze somewhat. I’d say it’s the quality of the disk and whether they are compatible with the SHW-160P6S drive.

p.s. No problem with SHW-160P6S after firmware update as forcedv mentioned.

Good luck!

Slave to Master and Success.

Cool. Cheers

Things have changed for the worst.

I thought I was only having freeze ups with fastforwarding/rewinding, chapter forwarding/rewinding with Double Layers disks. Now even 4.7gb recorded disks are freezing with the SHW-160P in the 5005. Especially ff/RW. It does it with all brands of disks (Sony/HP). Both the SHW and 5005 units have the lastest firmwares (PSOA/LNFA1101.ES0). When you hit a command, it hangs for 3 minutes and ‘sometimes’ it will continue.

Worse yet, when you hit ‘open’, ‘waiting’ appears. If you have an unfinalized disk in there when this happens, it will destroy the disk. My disk was previously finalized so it’s ok.


I would like to thank TunedPort350 for the answer to my problem. I have owned a Lite-on 5005 for the past two years and have run no more than 100 hours of record time through it. Well now the drive will not eject. I’ve shaken the unit until it ejects, but that only works sometimes. Now that I have gotten the drive out. That meant I ejected the drive so I can remove the front faceplate to remove the drive, which I did. I greased up the drive and now it ejects like a champ, although now it doesn’t recognize the disks. Guess my operation was not successful. In any event if it were a success, it would only be temporary. The drive is garbage. The unit is now sold at for $102 shipped. This newer drive may last longer and behave a litte better since it a 16X±R/8X±RW and not a 8X±R/4X±RW.

First of all I would like to thank TunedPort350 for his contribution that helped me a lot. Unfortunately my 5005 is slightly different than his. I bought the 5005 at Costco about about a year ago in summer 2005. It was in use for about 400 to 500 hours (with a 10 - 15% usage as recorder) when it lost its ability to record. It deleted prior recordings on DVD+RWs as well, but played DVD±R and general DVDs still OK.

Following the leads on this thread I replaced the drive with a Liteon SHW 160P6S bought at Newegg for $30 including free shipping. The result was very good with one exception, the unit does not play commercially recorded DVDs anymore, but it plays DVD±Rs, DVD+R-DL and records DVD±R/RW (DVD-R: Memorex 16x, TDK 4X, Verbatim 16x, DVD+RW Fuji 4x) without problems. I bought a Philips DVD622 as player anyway, which has zoom, so I don’t need the DVD play feature.

This is what I found to be important:

  1. The SHW 160P6S came with firmware version 0A which does not support DVD+RW. Version 09 does and so does the latest 0B. You need to plug it into a PC and update the firmware to 0B. Make sure you configure the unit as Master (or Slave) as needed on your PC. When you are done make sure it is configured as Master before you install it into the 5005.

  2. Open the 5005 and remove the drive as noted elsewhere on this thread. Make sure you avoid static electricity by grounding yourself. The front cover of the tray is a bit tricky to remove, it slides up if you use a exactor blade between the tray and the cover to lift it over the retaining bumps.

  3. Open the tray of the 160P6S (insert a pin into the hole in the front cover if it is locked). Remove the tray cover in a similar way as on the 5005 and remove the front cover.

  4. Use an exactor knife to remove the inside tabs in the front cover of the 5005 and the single tab on the right side of the inside of the front as described elsewhere on this thread. In addition, I needed to cut into the joints behind the 3 tabs to make more room for the drive. To find out whether the drive fits correctly it must align with its rear mounting holes with the 2 metal posts of the 5005. I guess there are different configurations of the 5005 depending when they were made. My 5005 did not have a metal mounting bracket, so I left the rear metal posts and the front plastic support for the drive where they are in the 5005.

  5. The 160P6S needs some modifications as follows: In order to be able to put in the 2 screws to mount the drive to the metal mounting posts of the 5005 I had to make a cutout in the top metal cover of the drive about 1/3" by 1/2" just under the rear side mounting holes, such that I can reach the screws with a screw driver. To do this you need to remove the top metal cover of the drive. To attach the 5005 tray cover to the drive compare the retaining bumps of the original cover with the one from the 5005 and follow the instructions elsewhere on this thread. This is best done before the drive is installed. The sliding retainers at the ends of the cover need no modifications, just the retainer bumps and their matching locations have to be adjusted until the cover seats well.

  6. Install the drive by attaching it to the 2 rear metal posts and let it rest on the two plastic mounting posts in the front. Attach the front cover of the tray and you are done. I had a perfect alignment of the front cover and the tray loading worked correctly.

Following the leads on this thread I replaced the drive with a Liteon SHW 160P6S bought at Newegg for $30 including free shipping. The result was very good with one exception, the unit does not play commercially recorded DVDs

Same with Me

will lockup when you try to fast forward with DVD copies

so far testing the Liteon SHW 160P6S in my 5005:
with: TY-R, TY+R, HP-R, HP+R, Staples+R, Sony-R, Memorex-R, Maxell+RW, Memorex+R, Verbatim+RW, Fujifilm+RW, Philips+RW, Sony+RW ->all read and write fine

Using the SHW 160P6S as a replacement in the LVW 5005 (I understand the SHM 165H6S is much the same in the 5005).

Works very well with nearly every DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD+RW it tried, even preped some of my DVDs that did not work of would not finalize before.
[U]Very inexpensive[/U] $35 delivered (newegg)
[U]Very ez to install.[/U]
Quiet operation.
If you don’t like it you can put it into your PC.
[U]Will not play Original DVDs [/U] (Can be a major problem for some. I have a Philips DVD player that has the same problem).
[U]Will lock up when you press FF or RW with DVD+/-Rs [/U] ok with DVD+RWs (Can be a major problem for some, chapter skip works ok).
[B]Slow[/B] to start recording after pressing record button (on some but not all DVDs).
Has problems using some DVD+RWs (works fine with Verbatum).
Loading draw seems very flimsy (minor problem if you use the buttons).

Notes: DVD-RAM and Light Scribe features do not work in the 5005.
I use mainly Tayo Yuden DVD-Rs 8x, Tayo Yuden DVD+Rs 8x and Verbatum DVD+RWs.
Be sure to install the drive in your PC and update firmware first.
Be sure to set the jumper to master prior to using with the 5005.
Make you cuts to the draw front and test fit the 5005 draw door prior to installing into the 5005 case.
The SHW 160P6S is not a perfect repacement drive for the 5005 (see Cons) but is cheep and gets the recorder to function again.
SOHW 1693s drives are getting hard to find now (the 1693s was near perfect for me but did not last under heavy use - (I ordered one and after testing will put away and use the 160P6S till it has problems).
You can test DVD burners prior to full installation by placing on to of the old drive.

does any one know if this model is still avalible anywhere i aussie land

Could it be the power demands from the newer drives are causing problems with the DVD players power supply.

One of the interesting things about the 5005 has been its rather curious inconsistancy from player to player.

Regarding the replacement of the burner, I find that my experience has been quite different from CCRomero’s…

I replaced the original 5005 drive (DDW 451S) with the SHW-160P6S04C (Jan 2006 manufacture date) and My Pros generally match CC’s Pros but I’ve had none of the Cons. New SN: 0102 1840 0098 PS08 (015-010 D)

After reading this thread, I burned Verbatum+R in 2 Hour mode just because I hadn’t done it in a while. The recording started immediately (as usual). Later, it both FF and RW with no hang up.

This machine is used heavily.

The kids have played their Original DVDs without issues on this machine.

Now, with that all being said, I rarely use other than Verbatim+R or some version of TY (Fuji and Sony 8x +R) and I only use HP+RWs [PHILIPS 041] So just maybe everything I’ve said needs to be taken with a grain of salt…

thanks for the heads up I will pull the drive and flash to PSO8 and retry

The firmware was the old PSO8 not the new PSOB. I am now using PSOA, I never updated before trying. Model SHW160P6S[U]05C[/U] July 2006


I just tried a Liteon SHM165H6S March 2006 FW: HSOE
it also will not FF or RW but it did play Origional Discs

next I will try a new SHW 160P6S drive

Hmmm… Well at least there’s some improvement…

Now I can’t remember if the SOHW 1693s ever played origional discs but pretty sure it did not lockup on FF or RW using +R or -R I get a new SOHW 1693s today will test and let you know. I have a Philips DVP5140 DVD Player sitting next to my LVW5005 and I normally play DVDs in the player. Nearly all my copied are made on TY+R or TY-R but a have some Verbatim DVD+RWs.

Mine didn’t play commercial DVDs also…

The problem was that the region code wasn’t set on the drive… You need to install it on your PC, play any commercial movie, then reinstall it on your LVW-5005 and it should Work…

You can check the region code in your drive with dvdinfopro (google it)…

Good Luck!