SHW-160P6S in LVW-5005 Success!

If you are looking for a good replacement drive for your LVW-5005 then you may want to consider the Liteon SHW-160P6S which is available from for $42 (including shipping). Go to and search for “N82E16827106013”.

I was having problems with my LVW-5005 drive and I knew that it was time to replace it. I searched for the 1693’s that everyone seems to be using but they do not seem to be readily available anymore. So I went to (referred from this forum) and I decided to take a chance with fitting the Liteon SHW-160P6S into my recorder. The installation was very simple and the drive fit excellent, the front face plate fits just like the original.

The drive also works perfectly in the LVW-5005. I have been using DVD+/- R’s and RW’s in the new drive without a single problem. The drive “prepares” and ‘erases” the RW’s without any issues as well.

The installation was very simple;

There are several posts that instruct you how to remove the existing drive from your recorder, so I won’t repeat it here. Just don’t forget to power up and eject the drive to remove the faceplate BEFORE you attempt to remove the drive.

Remove the existing front panel and faceplate from the new drive. Remove the bottom metal cover. Set the jumper on the new drive to the “master” position. Install the front metal bracket (from the old drive) onto the new drive (no bending of the bracket required). Install the two rear metal “grounding” feet (from the old drive) onto the rear of the drive. Remove the two white front mounting pads in the recorder. Remove the plastic tab (see pic1) from the front panel on the recorder. Power up and eject the new drive. Use an exacto blade or similar to extend the slots (see pic2, extend in direction arrows point) for mounting the faceplate.

That is pretty much it. I did not use any mounting at the rear of the drive, it simply rests on the two plastic mounts. You may want to fabricate a strap for mounting the rear of the drive, but I did not see any need to do so. I was surprised how rigidly the single front metal mounting bracket holds the drive in position.

The drive fits perfectly into the front panel on the LVW-5005. The angle which the drive sits by “resting” on the two white rear mounting pads is also just right.

If you are looking for a good replacement drive for the LVW-5005, I highly recommend the SHW-160P6S !!!

Good job, intereting post, nice pictures.
I wonder if you have tried cleaning the lens by taking apart your old burner and see if it solves your problem as it did here:

I just wish someone would post similar pics for the 5007 :wink:

A stupid question: Are you using it “as is” or did you have to update the drive firmware with a download from LO?

Not a stupid question at all. I used it right out of the box, no drive firmware download applied.

As for the original “failing” burner, I did try to clean the lense. I also disassembled the drive to see if I could adjust the laser head, which did not help, so I am assuming that there is a real hardware issue.

Hi there,

I also tried the 160p6s to try as the replacement (also because the other model suggested does not seem to be easy to get.)

I got 2 drives and tried them in 2 units. The all worked except for one strange thing - it DOES NOT WORK with +RW disks.

Anyone else have this issue? - it is strange and annoying because +RW is the best for certain cases. - do I need to run any special firmware?

again I had 2 drives and 2 units and tried all combos - but could not get +RW to work.

2 quick comments of the process itself -

1, you want to run the LTNRPC if you switch from pal to ntsc etc …

  1. I did the “quick and dirty” version on the swap. instead of geting it to fit right … I just connected to the power and the IDE port on the motherboard and have my units external …


I have been using Memorex DVD+RW’s, without a single issue, in case you wanted to try them.

I have used Riteks till now and they are OK - I expect it is an issue with the drive or a relationship between the drive and the unit - …

if anyone else uses the 160p6s and has +RW problems I would like ot hear it - also if you use that unit and DO NOT have problems also want to hear it …


You might want to give this new firmware a try;

I upgraded mine, just because, it supposed to support more media.

Hi there!!

I see there 2 models out there
SHW-160P6S and SHW-160PS-05 .Are they the same?

I want to get my LTW-5005 up and running.


Just Done Swap Over From 5005 Ddw-411s DRIVE, 2 The Shw160p6s-05c Oem Thanks 2 Turnport350. Had Drive From £33 With P&p QUICK FIND CODE 102588, Got Disks Same Time, Same P&p.fitting Quite Easy & Good. Used From Box No Updates. Seams Ok. Plays & Rec Ok Uses Phillips Dvd+rw Ok.
1 Prom I Found On Some Disks Will Not Ff. Fr Fine.

I just took the plunge and swapped out my drive (it would only read +WR and nothing else!) … the operation was an absolute success and not difficult.

I had to use a combination of CCRomeo’s instructions and the OPs (due to things like the need for a slight bend in the grounding bracket to get the drive square and three small plastic phlanges that needed excising) but otherwise a piece of cake.

the old drive was a DDW 451s and the new is a Retail SHW 160P6S04C (Jan 2006)
The SN changed to …0098 PS08.

The first recording was to a +RW disc (HP branded PHILIPS 041) and it worked perfectly.

Thanks to everyone (Especially TunedPort350 and CCRomeo) who worked out how to swap drives and then took the time to share with the rest of us! :bow:

Hello Tunedport350 and rest: Has anyone tried recording VCD with the swapped drive. I had swapped my 5005 with the 1693s and it worked liked a charm, except that is does not record VCDs/SVCDs. Any pointers which can help me? FYI, I amusing an older version of 5005 (hardware based on 5001 motherboard) and running the firmware 1080.

Thanks so much for posting your CLEAR instructions on how to replace the shoddy 5005 drives…

Just a couple of questions:

  1. With the SHW-160P6S drive in the 5005, can we install the 5005 fixes to the SHW-160P6S to make it vcr friendly, etc? (I think we can because the fix is applied to the chips on the 5005s board and it really doesn’t matter what liteon drive is in there.(?)

  2. Can the SHW-160P6S drive read DVD DL dual layer disks without a problem in the 5005 like freezing up? I can play home recorded DL disks on my original lvw 5005 and its original drive with firmware 010D, but they will not play cleanly all the time.

  3. Have you tried recording to a DVD DL disk with the SHW-160P6S as a replacement drive in the 5005 since the SHW-160P6S can write to DVD DL disks?

Welcome to CD Freaks :wink:

For the first issue, I would recommend updating the firmware on the 5005 before changing the drive and also update the firmware on the SHW-160P6S in a PC with the latest region free firmware before installing it in the 5005. The 5005’s software operates independently of the writer’s firmware, however I’m not fully sure if updating the firmware of the 5005 in turn updates the writer’s firmware. If so, this could potentially cause problems as the SHW-160P6S has different hardware than the original writer in the 5005.

For the second issue, if your SHW-160P6S has no issues playing back Dual or Double Layer recordable discs in the PC, then it should have no issue in the 5005. The 5005’s own IDE drive has known issues reading recorded dual/double layer discs from what I recall others saying, so this likely explains why you currently have freezing issues.

For the 3rd issue, I strongly doubt that Dual Layer recording will be supported as the 5005’s software would need to offer this feature. As the 5005 came out before the double-layer Lite-On models, there is a good chance that double layer support has not been built into the recorder’s software until the first models with double-layer support, however hopefully someone else here will be able to test a DVD+R DL to confirm whether this is the case.

Thank you Seán for the welcome and the thorough answers! My SHW-160P6S arrives today. Tonight I will create my monster!!!

I just put a new SHW-160P6S firmware version PS05 in to my uk version of the 5005 which has the latest firmware, and it did not work.

Is there an older firmware for the 5005 that I can download and install so these 2 can work together ?

Sorry to hear about the unsuccessful replacement. Just out of curiosity, which features don’t work on the replacement drive? For example, does it play any media or is it basically having problems recognising recordable media. So far, the only issue I’ve heard of using replacement drives is with the use of the original firmware on the drive as it was not region free, but this would only affect the playback of region coded DVDs.

One thing worth checking is to make sure the drive is set to ‘Master’. If it is set to “cable select” or “slave”, I don’t think the LVW-5005 will recognise the drive. Some IDE DVD writers are shipped in the Slave by default, so this is worth checking.

I did it, but…
In regards to the third issue you mentioned above about recording to Dual Layer DVDs with the new drive, I inserted two blank DOUBLE Layer Disks and it reports ‘Invalid Disk’ and ‘Fail’ on the front panel of the 5005. Also, I tried playing my Fry’s Electronic’s generic recorded DOUBLE Layer disks and I"m getting a lot of freezing when doing fast forward or next chapter. Even more than with the 5005 drive. To fix this, I’m leary about taking the drive out and doing the firmware version PS05 update that Forcedy did and end up with it not working at all. what to do, what to do.

Back to the install:
It takes a bit to exchange the drive and yes it works. At first, I couldn’t get the disk tray to line up when I inserted the drive into the 5005. I plugged the unit in, pushed the ‘open’ button and the disk tray wouldn’t open because it was sitting too low. In order to raise the drive a bit, I had to clip the three plastic tabs directly under the front top section of the 5005’s case where you slip the disk tray into. If you look underneath the front top section of the 5005 case where the drive tray slips in you’ll see the three tabs there. These tabs force the drive to sit too low. I used a needle nose plyer with cutters on them to cut the three tabs off. Afterwards, the drive sat higher and the disk tray lined up properly for opening/closing.

There are many similarities with how most things from the old drive lined up with the SHW-160P6S like screw holes, brackets, etc., and I’m glad how the SHW-160P6S seems of better quality.

Even with the new drive, I noticed at times how when you begin to record, record will pause for a bit before the recording count down numbers show up and it then begins to record. There is a pause. This happened with the old drive and it sometimes caused problems when the disk is finalized. Maybe it’s just the way the 5005 works and the SHW-160P6S can handle it.

It’s a bummer that Lite-On will not let people know that the SHW-160P6S can be used as a replacement drive when the 5005 drive no longer works. I tried calling them to buy a replacement drive and they said nothing is available. They prefer that you throw it in the trash and buy another recorder. I hope they don’t change the capability of the 5005’s user-fix with the SHW-160P6S.