SHW-160P6S I feel cheap and used



Well I feel cheap and used after years of happy burning with -R disks I’ve had to go out and buy my first lot of +R disks because of the problems with lite-on firmware at the moment .My drive SHW-160P6S Lead in -R problem with sock firmware’s or drive clicking on PC power-up with test firmware. A sad Day indeed What’s a man to do… :sad:


I personally place a lot of weight on CodeKings knowlege and experience. If he says you shouldn’t worry about the clicking on power-up, then I wouldn’t worry about it. And look at it this way – a brand new replacement drive would cost you less than $40 delivered, so why worry?


The clicking, while a little worrying is no immediate threat to the drive, I’m sure. I only power up my machine once a day anyway.

I was under the impression that the lead in bug was fixed in the latest MS0N firmware?

If not, just use the test firmware for now. The click once a day isn’t that bad! :slight_smile: