SHW-160P6S Firmware PRS2 can't be flashed

I have a LiteOn SHW-160P6S manufactured April 2006 in an Acer Aspire T160 PC. The Firmware-Version is PRS2. Does anyone know something about this version? I couldn’t find any information.
I tried flashing to PS0B but I get an error message: No matched drive detected! But detected drive is shown: SHW-160P6S PRS2
Who can help?


Go here and try the PS0B from there.

Your firmware will be a OEM version von Acer. I think you better make a backup before you try to flash PS0B like KTL suggested.
For the backup (and for flashing it back if needed) you can use C0deKing’s new Flash-utility, you can download here:

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Don’t forget: Warranty is void if “crossflashed” to Liteon retail firmware.

:o Thanks Michael for this important addition. :o

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THX a lot! :clap:
Seems to work!