Shuttle SN45g Graphics Cards



I’m just about to build myself a new system built around the Shuttle SN45G and I want to fit a fast graphics card, so is there anyone out there with this system and if so what card have to put inside it.

Thanx for any help given.

They tested it with a Radeon 9700 Pro

Looks like the only issue with the graphics card is the space available - the 4x/8x capability should suit all current AGP cards with any worthwhile performance.

Most notable, from the look of it, you CANNOT fit any card with a double-plate, nor anything with a very deep cooler that would severely foul the adjacent PCI slot on a normal system, as the only thing to that side of it is the case side panel!


Would one of these cards fit inside a shuttle:

NVidia Geforce FX 5900XT 128MB


Can’t be sure, but it looks like a normal depth


Depth is not your problem.

Shuttles have the AGP slot on the outside of the board (closest to the case) and as such do NOT have the room for a double height heatsink on a graphics card.

My SN41G2 (IGP version of the SN45) has to use single hight cards (ones that could have a PCI card in the slot next to the AGP card).

AFAIK, most nVidia gaming cards need to use a double height heatsink, best bet is to ask the supplier if you could fit a card into PCI slot 1 with the card fitted, if they say no then you cant fit it in the SN45.

I went for an All In Wounder 9700pro but I know the 9800pro works & the low profile X800 also works with the newer 250w PSU’s


Thanx for that