Shuttle Discovery lands safely!

Hey guys,
Just watched it live, all I can say is: WOW and what a relieve! I was really hoping this wasn’t the end of the shuttle.


Wohoo for manned flights! :slight_smile:


Now let me enjoy Star Trek Voyager. :iagree:

Actually…I would like to see them begin to phase out the shuttle. I think its about a 25 year old design. Time to make separate vehicles for passengers and cargo.

Nay they should do one of these

Yeah…the US has tried them…but their a real pain in the a$$ to get off the ground. I believe the prototype is being used in a theme park in California.

To many things went wrong. My hope is that they dont send one again.

I would bet that the issues they had during this trip were fairly routine in earlier missions. It was only scrutinzed/publized more this time due the previous space shuttle disaster. We have made commits for the construction of the international space station and some of those plans require the use of the shuttle, so we need to to what is necessary to fulfill those needs.

Beyond that, though, some other vehicle needs to be developed. I do like the federation star destroyer (?).

It’s a Imperial Star Destroyer, similar but not the same as the original Republic Star Destroyer, seen here in amazing plastic.

Dont they teach anything useful in schools anymore? :stuck_out_tongue:

I want us to expand out into space, and then we need to send humans out too as well as long range probes. Would you have said the same about flying would you have lived early 1900?
We need forerunners.

Once the ISS is completed I hope NASA and ESA and the other space agencies can continue cooperate and maybe develop a new type of shuttle together.

Thanks for the correction…I was to lazy to look it up…Lucas would be ashamed of me :sad:

With or without space suits? I now have this image in my head NASA building a huge trebuchet to hurl astronauts into space. That would be cool. :bigsmile: Then could team up with the X-games folks to develop it.


What? You don’t want mankind to explore the universe? :a

I am also glad to see the shuttle and crew back safely.

No point keep orbiting the earth - exploring space is the way to go - they still have not seen what lies beneath the ice on mars, or buried deep into it’s surface. That will be the only way to try and find alien life, or just visit Area 52 !