Shuttle CR40 Firmware Update

I have determined from reading in this forum that the Shuttle CR40 is the BenQ 1620. When I checked the drives info with Nero it said the firmware was G7P9. The most current BenQ firmware is B7W9. My question is this.

Is it safe for me to flash my drive with this firmware update? What concerns me is the fact that the newest firmware starts with a B and the current drives firmware starts with a G.

I just got the drive a couple of weeks ago and have burned several movies using both 1Click and Nero along with AnyDVD. However, I just tried to burn a Double Layer DVD with 1Click (I turned on DL in the options) and it failed. So I tried Nero Copy DVD and it fail also. At a couple a bucks a pop for DL DVDs I need to find out what is going on and my first thought was that the firmware need to be upgraded. Any help would be appreciated.

the Gxxx firmware is for oem drives, Bxxx is for retail benq drives. get BQFlasher and the B7W9 flasher and upgrade your drive.

You’ll be fine.

Did the same with mine.
Had, like you, G7P9 and flashed with BQFlasher to B7W9 - no probs at all.
It’s my most used drive for scanning now.