Shuttle CR40 - a BenQ with "sexy" front panel

Got a picture? How did you do it?
EDIT: Anyone know of a place to get after-market bezels?

Much more Stylin’ then my oem BenQ 1620 faceplate. :cool:

i want this…

haha…not in Taiwan. :smiley:
You can buy CR 40 as low as USD 52~60 if you know where to buy, amazing… :o

I still want the black drive, it looks SO sexy and would look absolutely beautiful in my Plumax External Enclosure. :slight_smile:

Since I got the IO Magic version, it came with the beige face plate attached and the extra black plate you had to put on. The button is only that big because of the face plate. The button it actually pushes is pretty small. It would be pretty easy to remove the plates to do custom painting if one need to.

Too bad you can’t just order some new face plates.