Shutting down clone dvd2 during a burn

What is the proper way of shuting down or closing out when in the burn process. No matter which way I’ve tried, using cancel (does not work) etc my computer freezes - cannot eject disc - have to reboot whole unit - Suggestions please.

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This is NOT the proper correct manner that CloneDVD2 v2.9.0.3 is supposed to function. From the sparse information you have provided it appears that you have some type of conflict error between CloneDVD2 v2.9.0.3 and some software/hardware item.

A good to place to start to look at what could possibly be causing a conflict is to ensure that all background Multi Tasking operations are curtailed during the DVD copying process. To ensure that all background Multi Tasking operations are in fact curtailed check that ALL unnecessary programs are not automatically loaded during Window Startup. To check this suggest viewing the below Web Link that details how to use MSCONFIG to configure Windows Startup to load only necessary items. You will be surprised at all the unnecessary Memory and Resource wasting items that are automatically loaded during Windows Startup. Quite possibly one of these items could be casing your problem. Suggest when visiting the below referenced Web Link to also check out Paul “PacMan” Collins’ huge “Startup Applications” list (

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When I copy I shut off my internet connection by going to setting and disabling connection - I also use msconfig and disable everything on startup. Use Any DVD and continue to go through CloneDVD2. If I’m anywhere in the burning process and try to shut it down everything freezes and will not shut down and have to reboot unit. Does this help

I would advise from using msconfig to disable startup items as some of them might be needed to run for proper windows system operation not just user loaded programs. If you really need to stop startup items first disable them from services before going to msconfig. As msconfig doesn’t stop the application operation. Also what version of clonedvd, and anydvd you using. The problem your describing sounds to reason is some kinda of software or hardware conflicts where two or more devices are trying to use the same system memory allocation and confusing the computer as to which takes priority and causing lockup. What other programs run in taskbar and loads when you run your computer.

Am using AnyDVD and CloneDVd which are up to date - nothing else is running - it’s just if I shut it down in the middle of a burn it doesn’t stop burning and have to hit ctrl - alt - delete to stop it. and then reboot. just would like to know if anyone has stopped in the middle of a burn and had no problem ejecting disc & etc

How old is your burner and does it have latest firmware? What kinda media you using?

alsie731: How much free space do you have on your drive and is it in need of defragmentation?

I’d like to suggest another tack to answering this question by asking a question that has been overlooked.

Why (forgive me), in heaven’s name, would you even [I]want[/I] to manually shut down CloneDVD in the middle of a burn? Your computer is executing a really big task so no wonder it freezes up. Or am I misunderstanding … ? Are you just curious about why it freezes?

Anyway… probably waiting a few minutes after hitting cancel in CloneDVD will allow your computer to stop it’s task and free up the computer’s resources again allowing you to avoid the ctrl - alt - delete and reboot.

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A little more explanation on this - This has happened to me twice in around 800+ burns so it is not something that I normally do and while making my second backup copy I am running the 1st copy through my player and noticed that I had not taken out all the previews of upcoming movies and tried to stop the burn and go back and do it right. Could not stop the burn ( am under the opinion it should just stop). Sony burner has the latest firmware - use Ty’s - burn no faster than 4X - always defrag my unit before burning if needed - Just was not concerned with wasting a disc but wanted it done the way I want and did not want to wait for burn to complete - Guess I did not realize it takes time to come to a halt that it just doesn’t stop - Love AnyDVD and Clone and have been using it for over 2 years and update it every time I’m notified. Maybe a new burner should be thought about also and have no idea of how many burns should be expected from a unit before having trouble. I use upconverting players and shut everything down in the background and burn slow with what I consider the best media and this is has given me the best copies that my unit is capable of giving me. Just was curious if others ran into this problem.