Shutterbutton has fallen off my Sony camera

I have the sony cybershot DSC-H5 digicam, I bought it in July 2006, the shutter button has fallen off, for a short while I could trigger the shutter with a paper clip, but now it does not work at all. I researched this online & it is a well documented problem, but I cannot seem to find a direct link to a replacement shutter button.

can anyone help? right now I am stuck with a useless camera & I used it alot.

Shipping it to Sony for repair isn’t an option?

I would imagine they have a flat-rate repair cost for out of warranty cameras, at least that has been my experience with other vendors.

As the paperclip can no longer trigger it, it’s quite likely that that the shutter button electrode itself is damaged and will need to be repaired.

As this camera can be got for around £99 used (in the UK), I would recommend getting an estimated repair cost quote first if you can. Camera repairs can be quite expensive. For example, I sent in my Fujifilm F30 under warranty when the lens would no longer retract and when I got it back, they sent it along with an invoice showing the repair time & cost of ~€150 from what I recall. Thankfully this covered by warranty.