Shutdown problems

Hey. Drxfactr here. When i’m playing a game or anything of such for a little while. My computer just turns off completely at random. I can’t even hit the power button. I have to switch the big black power plugs in the back. It mainly happens when I play pc games. It soemtimes happens when i just have a few programs open. Any ideas to stop it from shutting down at random?

Sounds like your power supply may not be up to the task,maybe its getting to hot.Could be just a build up of dust causing power supply to get hot or maybe the power supply is faulty.Could do with more info,does it shut the operating system down correctly or just power off ?

It sounds like the computer is getting hot, since it happens when you mainly play games. Either that, or your video card isn’t up for the job. Maybe get another fan, open up your case when you play games, or don’t overclock anything.

Do you hear a siren or beeping when it shuts down? If so, then it is most probably a heat related issue. What cpu do you have? Maybe consider buying a new heatsink and fan for it…would be useful to have your pc’s specs and to know exactly what you see / hear when it shuts off.

It doesn’t make any noises. It just shuts down incorrectly. It doesn’t go to the “windows is shutting down” with the blue back ground" It’s an immediate crash. Many have been saying RAM but i don’t think that’s the issue. I have a
x86 family 6 model 4 stepping 2 authenticAMD `1195mhz.could it be a non updated bios. I’ll go with your idea with the fan. My comp is in a desk and the case is closed. ther’s no way for the comp to go. If it happens hen programs are up long and games i guess that’s the reason. I’ll try to get dust and buy a fan and see if that helps. Thanx but please keep giving me ideas. walls completely surroind teh comptuer so i think that’s the sissue. What exactly do you mean my card isn’t up for the job though?

Means that maybe the viseo card is outdated and can’t handle the latest games…but it’s doubtful that it would cause such a crash. As the pc is boxed in, i’d have thought the problem must be a heat issue…lack of good airflow through case and to the cpu. Have you tried reading the temps when playing a game (before it crashes) to see what they are at max load? Anything over 60 degrees is not advisable for an athlon.

If the pc you are using has more than 1 user…maybe someone installed a temperature monitor and set it to shut down when it reaches a certain temperature?

If i have a temperature monitor or whatever. How do i turn it off to stop it? WAIT. this might fix someo f yoru solutions. The case is opened and half of the copm is out of the little cubical it is in in my desk. Maybe closing the case could magically somehow help. It neverh appened before when I had it open. It just started whjen i got this new hardrive and put it in the desk. It’s a seagate 160 gb

All of the above metioned ideas are all feasible for your problem, heat, PSU, Video Card, & RAM. You should definitely start troubleshooting to eliminate one at a time. Measuring temps is a firststep, also, try using Sandra burn-in-Wizard, that will get your temps up just like a game and see if the PC restarts again at Random. It might just be improper cooling.