Shutdown problems with Win ME

8 out of 10 times when I try to shutdown my computer it dont shut off an I have to shut the power off and then of course when I start back up it runs a scan disk . I have all drivers updated and it still doesnt help. I’d appreciate any help.Thanks.

Win Me
Amd 1ghz
640 ram
chaintec mb
Nvidia Geforce 2 mx400 video

A “vxd driver” not unloading at shutdown usually causes this. Type in “msconfig” in the “run” line and click okay. Click on the “Start up” Tab. Uncheck everything and reboot, it may hang one last time. After the reboot, test to make sure you can shut down successfully all times. Then through process of elimination, determine which “start up” app is causing it.

If possible don’t use ME. Use 2000 or XP or Win 98SE.

Have you done the latest updates from the MS Windows update site. There were updates posted to correct similar shutdown issues.

Generally when the system hangs on shutdown it’s because a program or piece of hardware is not unloading properly. Some soundcards and video cards are often guilty of this.“CTRL+ALT+DEL” or “msconfig” can often identify the culprit.

APM can also be an issue on some systems. Please refer to [u[/u]](;en-us;Q290668) foe details.

McFee AntiVirus used to cause that. Do you happen to be running that?
If you are there is a way to edit it. (I don’t remember though)

As last result, If you happen to be running any usb devices, that some MB’s will do this as well…but rare.

Try unplugging usb and see if it shuts down.

I’m noted that my computer won’t shutdown after having been on the internet, but if I restart and then shutdown, there’s no problem.

Somethings screwed up in IE. Try updating IE and if its fully updated then I would say format C: and reinstall.

When you say your computer wont shutdown after you have been on the Internet, I am assuming you are talking about Running Internet explorer if so try this;

Check to see what programs and services are running before you launch IE and after (CTRL-ALT-DEL).

Is there another item running after you close IE? What is it?

Do you use PPPoE to connect to the Internet? If so do you have trouble shutting down just after starting the PPPoE software?

If your PPPoE software is Enternet 300 get rid of it and try out RASPPPOE that Enternet stuff is total garbage.

Hi, ntloser,

I have since discovered that it happens more often than after I’m on line. I can start up the computer, run a few applications (no, not including IE) and when I go to shutdown, it won’t do it. I had problems with W98, 98SE and ME. I thought it may have had something to do with the motherboard, but since I’ve changed it, it hasn’t made any difference.