Shutdown after burning. How do I know if it was successful?

If I select the option to shutdown the PC after burning. How do I know that the DVD was burnt successfully since I wasn’t given the chance to save the verification and other messages ?


Play it?

Ha ha. I dont’ want to play a DVD movie for 2 hours to find some problems at the end. If the verification fails, I just want to cut another copy. So is there a way to know if it’s written correctly ? Thanks.

You don’t have to sit and watch the whole movie, just scroll to the end. Or check different scenes. Or use CDspeed. Or Kprobe.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Verification in Nero 7 will just tell you that you have faithful copies of the files from your source on your DVD. That in itself is no guarantee that you will have a fault-free disk; the original files could be faulty.

If you could check the files first and they are okay, I would expect it to be unlikely that you will make a coaster. FWIW, never used verification for burning DVDs.

or unselect shutdown?? I rarely shut off my main desktop PC, just have the drives set to spin down and the monitor to shut off…

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Absolutely love that Dr T, I’m in retail management!!

That was the first thing I thought of also. :wink: :bigsmile:

I was just wondering if there is a straight forward way to know if the copy is the same as the original after running Nero (whether it has fault or not… what can I do if there is already fault in it ? I still need a copy…)

I thought there would be a way to save the report if I select the shutdown option. But I guess there isn’t. So I just have to leave the PC on until the next day to check.

Would be much better if the option to save the report can be select way ahead to a default location, may with timestamp. Then I can just go to the folder and check the report.

Thanks for the info. If I just scroll to the end, and it there is a problem somewhere in the middle, would the scrolling be able to detect it ?

I can’t say for sure, but it would be better than nothing.
I would suggest just running CDSpeed or KProbe the next time you start back up. I do not trust any burned disk without testing it after burning, but thats just me. I sure would not trust Nero verification then put it away without atleast trying it. Granted many will say there is no fool proof way to insure a disk will be playable on all DVD Players. I use good media, with a consistant burner (NEC3500AG), and test all my burns. They play in all my players, but the reason I test is that I am more concerned with longetivity.

Nero verify does not work ? I thought so long as the copy and the original are the same, it should be ok, right ?