Shut down this! Pagemaster has had it with content moguls



I just posted the article Shut down this! Pagemaster has had it with content moguls.

I Have Piles used our news submit to tell us “Someone is upset.” Yes, if you read this webpage, you can
certainly agree that this is an accurate statement. Seems like somebody has
thrown up a…

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Connection refused on and off, site must be getting hammered.
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Sure looks like a nice site. The more it’s visible, the better the word spreads to corrupt media executives that their time is up.


went to the mpaa site, it’s linked from It has a program on it called “parent file scan”. I tried it and lo an behold it found all kinds of things including completely legal files for some games i have. I know it says that the program doesn’t diferintiate between legal and illegal in the disclaimer Lets just thing about this. If I’m a parent and I see the kind of results I was getting from the legal games I owned (which of course I wouldn’t know) my kid would be up for dicapline probably. hmmm, and as the name implies and with the results, it becomes a way for controll. so now thier trying to controll parents of children! (they took arr jobs!)


Can someone please post the text from that page, it may not be accessable for some time. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
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