Shut Down Problem

Since I bought a new motherboard, my computer shuts down
really strangely. I have a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro motherboard
with an Athlon +2800. Anyways, when I go to shut down the
computer either by using the power off button or by gracefully
shutting it down via windows, it starts right back up; exactly like
a restart. I don’t understand it. I’ve gone through my wiring
plenty of times. Otherwise the computer runs like a champ; but
this power shut down problem is really frustrating. The only thing
I can do is hold the power button for 4 sec… But I don’t like doing
it that way because windows doesn’t go through the shut down
procedure gracefully. This did not happen with my old motherboard
installed. Someone help.

Thanks in advance

Which OS ? Do you have fast shutdown enabled ?

Reset CMOS, then go into BIOS and see if you got power button listed as On/Off or Restart.

This happened to me when I tried and forced a full shutdown by ticking off advanced features in Power settings, but I had an AT Power supply, not ATX.
Don’t think thats your problem specifically but I would check for lack of Power. Monitor the Power and see what happens.

I have the same board. Momentarily pressing the power button should put it into sleep mode, holding it for 4 sec should shut down.

In BIOS, you also have a selection for power off options, for when you have a power outage, check those settings.

You may also have the button wired wrong, the board supports both a reset button and a power button, sounds like you may have the power button wired to the reset leads.

Thanks for all of your replies. It ended up being a setting in the BIOS.
I’ve had this problem forever and each time that I checked my wiring
it was fine. Anyways thanks.

I had a suggestion but just found out you fix it, nvm :slight_smile: