Shut-Down problem



Right, yesterday night i left the computer on overnight to download some stuff using azureus (not a CPU demanding program). Woke up in the morning to find my oomputer was off. Turned it back on, hardly any downloadeding done but no error message from azureus to say it was shut down improperly…

Yesterday day, i left it on 9 to 5 no problems but while it was downloadin other people were using it (word,etc).

Last night shut down again when i left it overnight, don’t know why? I checked the power options and hibernation was ticked so i unticked that, could that be it? Is there any logs XP keeps to tell you why it shut down? IT IS NOT a CPU problem because before leaving overite and did some CCE encoding and you know how much stress that puts on a processor and it handled that fine (no overheat or shutdown).

What could be the problem/solution???

Thanks :slight_smile: :bow:


No idea

but maybe you can check the schedulded tasks(maybe somebody added a shutdown there as a joke)


Look in the event log, there may be a clue there. It’s found by Control Panel/Admiinistrative Tools/Event Viewer.


Cheers dude.

I found this, think it might be the problem… It is the last thing that happens b4 the shut down (apart from program shutting down,etc)

I think i have seen this before summit 2 do with SP2… Gonna google it…



Downloaded a patch from and changed the limit from 10 to 100. Is that enough?


Update Azureus, it has been fixed in the later versions.


erm… i have the latest version…


Oh well, i will see if it has been fixed by leavin it downloadin 2night and see if it is still on in the morning :slight_smile:



i had the same problem, but i have my computer set to wait if it goes to the blue screen of death. you can do this by right clicking on my computer, and properties -> advanced -> startup/recovery -> and automatically restart is a checkbox at the bottom.

i limited the upload/download bandwidth, and have had no problems since. my issue may have been memory related, though - was hard to diagnose.