Shud i go to a computer shop to help me with tis problem

many thanks people 4 your help im stil stuck thoe , ive got films on my laptop that are mp4 so when i put dvdr disk in wich is 4.7 gb or 120mins realplayer says theres not enouth space on the disc as the movie is 2hrs 13mins long ,

Download “DVD Shrink”, it’s a free program which will make your video files fit on a standard DVD.

alanparf, if you have mpeg-4 in mind check this thread, (at doom9).
And “MP4” here.

ive tried it mate but wen i go on it i cant find the file i need 2 burn

I asked you politely not to keep starting threads on the same subject ( crossposting, this your third thread on this subject.) Read the forum rules.:cop:

From your other thread:

The movie Blood Diamonds is a commercial movie and what you’re asking is help in how to burn an illegally downloaded copy of that movie. We can’t help you with that.

Please read our forum rules again.

The discussion will have to end here, as we don’t allow discussions about such matters. :cop: