Shrinkto5 Version 2.0 completely re-designed

I just posted the article Shrinkto5 Version 2.0 completely re-designed.

Gravure-Hebdo used our news submit to tell us about this latest update from Shrinkto5. From the developers webpage: ShrinkTo5 can copy movies with an undeniably superior picture…

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Shrinkto5 Version 2.0 contains AdWare. To cover some of our costs we have now bundled ShrinkTo5 with WhenU. It is not a spyware and we do not want to conceal anything, so please take a look at WhenU before you download the new version. :frowning:

just went to have a look, its adware… :r

I’m not quite sure if ‘Open-source’ is the right headline here, read their License…

I just read the license and it is no longer GPL so i changed the headline and struck the first paragraph of my (now dated)quote. Most interesting read there.

I am really confused by the Shrinkto5 people: > We asked for just 39,95 USD so that the dll > can be used commercially. Dozens of > commercial software packages use our dll Really? Which ones? It should be easy to win in a courtroom if they violate the GPL. I believe this is a lame excuse to raise the price: For commercial use it just went up from 39USD to 2999USD + royalties. :d > If you want to use the FoxBurner SDK, > please contact the manufacturer, > they have an special offer for licensees > of ShrinkTo5. “They” seem to be the same people, and I believe the Shrinkto5 project is nothing else than a FoxBurner promotion: That’s totally fine, but why don’t they say so?

So a promising open source app becomes adware. :r I guess that’s the last I’ll have to do with that program then.

When I read the unmodfied headline first where open source was mentioned I thought I 'll give it a try maybe an new alternative to DVDShirnk. After reading the license this B-OpenSource thingy su*** :frowning: