ShrinkTo5 - Player compatibility

I am very new to this and am using ShrinkTo5 (my first software program of this kind) and am finding that the disks will not play on all my DVD players. It will play on my PC, my cheap Compacks model but not on my Sony. So, PLEASE, What exactly determines compatibility?
Does the player have to be compatible with the software program used or can the software be adapted to become compatible with more players?
Is it the program or the DVD player (or simply the media you use) that primarily determines compatibility?
Is there anything that can be done to make them compatible? Maybe I’m doing something wrong but options to change settings are limited with ShrinkTo5. Do ‘extras’ need adding to the process to get them to work on the expensive players?

Film: Identity
Program: ShrinkTo5
Copy: Roxio cd/dvd creator
Burner: LG GSA-4163B
Media: Bulkpaq 8x DVD-r
LG GSA-4163B - plays OK
Compacks (model unknown) - plays OK
Sony DVP-S525: gives error - C 13 00

Please help


The LG is a very good burner but it might have problems doing a good burn on bulkpaq (read crap) media.
Standalone DVD players are far more sensitive to disc/burn quality than PC optical drives so I would suspect that the media is the problem especially as it plays fine on one of your players, which suggests that the structure of the movie is OK.

Horrid media used. Almost certainly the problem.

Definitely more likely to be a media problem than a problem with software. DVDs have a standard, you don’t see things in a store that say “Works with DVD Shrink and CloneDVD, but not ShrinkTo5 or Instant Copy”, do you?

Sony players have always given me most problems - and Bulkpaq should be avoided… :slight_smile:

Thank you for slamming my choice of media :doh:

No seriously, I appreciate it. Now I know what’s bad, I now know what to avoid in future. I assume they’ll be ok for pc related data storage; files images etc.

Can you name some good media for me, please (One’s available in the UK), printable and non-printable would be great, specifically for movie back-ups?

Honest opinions appreciated here. Many thanks,

I wouldn’t save anything on the Bulkpaqs. If you check and order the Verbatim 8x-R (either 5 pack pastel or 25 pack) discs you have a very good setup with theLG 4163 and little room for error. I’d go for the/some :wink: 25 pack(s) and enter the code (in login) cdfreaks/taiyo to get a discount. There are Panasonic and Datasafe TYG02 8x-R as well as TY printables - last 2 are a bit pricey but very good stuff.

Stay away from Bulkcrap media! Get some decent Verbatims or if you can afford it go for Taiyo Yudens. is probably the best palce for media in the uk