ShrinkTo5 1.5 open source freeware CD/DVD copying engine



I just posted the article ShrinkTo5 1.5 open source freeware CD/DVD copying engine.

 From the developers  webpage: ShrinkTo5 has been developed as a cross-platform engine  available for free for anyone. To ensure a fast spreading to other platforms  ShrinkTo5 is distributed...
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Uhm… Where to get the “machinist.dll”?


Please us search engines like ‘žGoogle’ or “edonkey” to look for this DLL.


Don’t waste your time with this one if you look for the .dll on google it only leads you to that softwares homepage and if you do a E-donkey nothings there:r:r


ed2k://|file| |153755|5545CF85E5FAA6E957459C57EB11D66E |h=3MJ2NMBR5D244V3ETITC7HVOLCXT4ICQ|/ Edited to preserve CMS view due to character limitations.
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Can someone edit eranros post? Its screwed the article presentation.


:r Quality of the compression was really poor! DVDShrink is much, much better.


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no machinist.dll to be found anywhere and no burn plugin even after a donation :frowning:


Ok I have uploaded a torrent for machinist.dll after the good folks at shrinkto5 sent it to me (they are having trouble finding a website to host it) I will try to seed it for a while They also sent me the burning engine DLL in consideration of my donation but that is not part of this torrent


i found machinist.dll without any probleme on Emule (Edonkey)


Hi i got both dll’s, the machinist came as junk mail on my hotmail account;)


where is the link to burner dll plugin


send them a buck and they will email it to you


No work at all for me…crash and it’s all… Fake program?..


Please send me the link to the freeware for download