Shrinking strategy on a disk to disk basis?

Anybody know if there is a place where people list their personal shrinking strategy on a disk to disk basis?


Schindler’s List (3 hour 2 disk movie)

Reauthor main movie only
Reduce chapters 1-12 (using custom ratio) to 80%
Leave chapters 13 - 23 at no compression
etc. etc. etc.

Is there such a site to get the best overall quality when you do have to reduce picture quality without re-inventing the wheel and spending time figuring out yourself when someone else has ???

Thanks peeps.

Just use Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) and you will ALWAYS the get the best possible movie only quality. But as most consider it takes to long and messy to use, then Shrink or its look-alikes are your only viable solution.

And CCE applications are a pain to use and get to work.