Shrinking files sizes to burn to DVD

I’ve got the first two seasons of a television program as .AVI files (obtained legally) that I want to burn to watch on my standard DVD player.

Most episodes are right at 360,000KB in size right now, with one double length episode at just under 720,000KB.

I converted the biggest file to a .VOB file using DVDsanta, and tried to used my Roxio Easy Creator 6 to burn it, so I could create menus to select the episodes, but the .VOB’s combined end up being almost 5.5GB, and therefore won’t fit.

Since that large file won’t fit, that tells me that I would only be able to fit one of the smaller episodes per disc, that just doesn’t seem right to me.

So, basically what I need is something that will convert the files to something that will play on my standard DVD player, and will shrink the file size considerably in the process. For all I know, I might be able to do it with the programs I’ve already got, but I’m not familiar with them to know. This is what I’ve been working with on this project.

Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6
Amadis Video Converter

Can I even do what I’m trying to do with those, or do I need to get something else?

Any help would be very, well, helpful.


Welcome to CD Freaks.

Having created the 5.5gb worth of files why not shrink with DVD Shrink, or have you tried that & it didn’t work.

DVD Shrink could do it, I believe, but also Ulead DVD Movie Factory 5 should be able to do it as well.

Shrink is free, Ulead is $50 USD.

It looks like it works, as the .VOB files produced total up to be about 2.2GB, but when I put it into Roxio to burn it, it jumps back up to the 5.5GB again.

Maybe I need to use something else to burn them? The only reason I’m using Roxio is because it came with my burner and lets me create menu screens.

Process the files with DVD Shrink and do a Backup to VIDEO_TS folders on the hard drive. Then you can burn with Nero or ImgBurn.

Is there an option to create a menu to select from multiple files using ImgBurn?

Don’t think so. ImgBurn is just about burning.

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 has that ability I believe. Great $50 expense.

Here is a downloadable trial version:

Good luck.

Many thanks for your help. That MovieFactory works great.

I’m glad it worked. Happy movie making!