Shrinking blu-ray movies


I am looking at buying the LG blu-ray writer and then backing up my blu-ray movies. or the kids movies as i don’t want them wrecked.

I ask this, if a movie is more than the size of a 25gb blank can the movies be shrunk down to fit or does a 50gb disc need to be used?

will there be a big quality loss going from a larger size movie to a 25gb disc? I have backed up a lot of 8gb dvd movies to 4.37gb dvd-r discs before and haven’t noticed quality loss.

all help would be greatly appreciated

thank you

U can use tsmuxxer,but it will not works for all blu rays.

thanks for that.

so there is no other programs that will work? or is a 50gb disc needed?


At mom there is another progam RIPBOT but you must have time because it reencodes the BLURAY to fit it on a BD25.
With tsmuxxer you can shrink only the main movie with languages and subs…


thanks for the info.

it seems like it isn’t worth buying a blu-ray writer just yet as the software and proceedure is tricky.