Shrinking a DIVX file



I searched around and found some info on splitting files but not actually shrinking them in size. I have some that I want to burn to CD as AVIs, but they’re slightly too big for the CDs. I tried overburn a little and it gets same error. And I don’t want to split them if possible. Maybe live with cutting off credits but that’s it. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance.


Could try remuxing as an MKV instead of AVI. Should be at least a couple of MB’s smaller, that perhaps with end credit cropping should be enough.

If not, then encode it again this time at a lower bitrate, that is assuming that you still have the original source.


Check the bitrate of both Video and Audio. Load the avi into VirtualDUB and set Video & Audio to Full Processing mode and set compression for each or Video only to a slightly lower bitrate. Then Save AVI.


Thanks for the ideas. I’ll chech them out. Thanks.


Been a while since I’ve been able to check this out, but I know the basics of VirtualDub on decompressing DivX file for conversion to MPEG with TMPGEnc, but I don’t really know how to check the bitrates first and then set the bitrates lower for the re-encoding. How to do this? Or if there is a guide you can send me to if that would be easier.


If WMP is your default AVI player, then just simply right click the AVI and Sellect Summary. The bit rate in Bytes/sec is given so multiply by 8 to get Bits/sec


The matroska file ( .mkv ) can become even smaller if you

  • disable writing of CUE tables completely. The file stays a valid MKV file, but seeking may become a little slower

  • set max cluster size to a higher value in the VdubMod preferences ( default = 1 s )

And yes, this can save a couple of MB compared to the original AVI, and if this is still not enough, recode your audio to Ogg Vorbis at q = 0.1 and you’ll be set …