Shrinking a blu-ray

I can copy a blu-ray to my pc and watch perfectly…(very pleased that they look better than a DVD !)

How do I now shrink it to a single layer BR blank…and further to a DVD ???.


This might be worth a look:

you can’t shrink them just like it was done back in DVD Shrink time.

one, check how many audio streams it has, drop PCM, DTS, or any of those new “HD” sound formats. Leave only AC3, if there is no AC3, convert one of the “HD” formats to AC3

Video, the only way possible is to re-encode the movie, if you want decent quality is very very very very long process.

I re-encoded two about hour and half movies from mpeg2 to mpeg4 on dual core AMD and it took over 40 hours to complete.

i used highest settings in nero vision with 2 pass VBR.

[QUOTE=tgidday;2009926]This might be worth a look:[/QUOTE]

even the first line is wrong

Similar to the VOB files on DVD, EVOB files contains the video on HD-DVD and BlueRay discs. It stores video at up to 1920x1080 60P in MPEG-2, VC-1, or AVC formats.

its not EVOB files, but EVO files, and EVO files are not on Blu-ray, Blu-ray uses M2TS files

nekrosoft13, I read the riverpast and as you see edited my post. Had someone else give me the link as “a good guide source” they were wrong. I guess I should catch up on my reading before I post. Thanks for the input.

could you guys guide me to a software to split a blu-ray backup into 2 BD-R’s ? Without the quality loss?
I have been looking around for a tool but was unsuccessful…

You can use Tsremux to remove the audio that you don’t want.

Then if the size is still over 25GB, use HDBDSplitGUI to split the m2ts or ts file into two. Then use Tsremux again to remux them into blu-ray and burn both. If the 2nd blu-ray fits into DVD-R or DVD+R DL, you can burn them into DVD instead of BD disc, to save some bucks.