Shrinking 5.2 down to 4.7

Hi all. I’ve tried to track down answers to the following but have hit a wall so far. I have followed some of the guides in this forum and elsewhere but I still end up with more or less the same results when trying to shrink a movie onto a single layer blank which is a ‘copy protection error/ I/O device error’.

Using DVD Decrypter, I have succeeded every time in backing up a DVD to my HD because it doesn’t really matter how big the file ends up being. The problem is making the file small enough to fit on a blank DVD. If the movie is more than approx one hour 30 mins (having stripped away all other features by having selected movie only in DVD Decrypter) it wont then fit onto a blank 4.7 GB DVD.

I have tried ‘shrinking’ (using DVD shrink) but keep getting the ‘copy protection error/ I/O device error’ every time. After analysis failed, I used ripit4me, but all that does is remove the dummy sectors through DVD decrypter so the movie was still 5.2 GB(100 % of its original size) instead of being 86% of its original size which it would need to be to fit on a single layer blank.

Im not sure where to go from here, would appreciate any suggestions.

Use ripit4me with dvddecrypter to remove copy protection, THEN run those resulting files thru dvdshrink to compress it down to fit.

dvdshrink is no longer updated so you probably got a newer form of protection that it can’t handle. Remove it first, then shrink.

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What burning tool do you use ?
Nero Recode compresses [B]and[/B] burns at once , after using DVD Decrypter or DVDShrink . But no doubt you already know that , don’ t you ? Just in case …
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Fanaudi . :cool:

Rip to the hard drive with protection removed (DVDFab Decrypter or DVD Decrypter with the RipIt4Me front end).

Use DVD Shrink to get the stuff to fit and then export to VIDEO_TS folder or ISO image.

Use ImgBurn to create a DVD Video disk from either the VIDEO_TS folder or the ISO image.

Play video in your video player.

All done, and with 100% free apps too. No commercial anything needed.

When it gets to step 3b in ripit4me when I press the Do it! Button, ripit4me closes and I get the option of sending/not sending a Microsoft error report. I choose not to.

But it also said there appears to be no protection on the disc so maybe it is just cancelling itself in its own way.

My real question is this though:

How do I open the (Decrypted and ripitforme’d) file back up in DVDshrink?
All I’m getting so far is:
Failed to open file, system failed to find specified file.

I know I’m doing something dopey.

To answer Fanaudis’ question, I am currently using Sonic myDVD RecordNow! software which was bundled with my comp. To be honest, I haven’t reached the stage of actually burning a ‘shrunk’ movie, but have found Sonic very easy to use with movies under 90 minutes so far. I have also downloaded Nero Recode but I am having major problems [B]importing [/B] the movie into any of these burning programs except the myDVD one.

Thanks for the posts so far, I feel I am getting close… :eek:

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I would try DVDFab Decrypter, which is also free.

In DVD Shrink, to access a VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive, I click the OPEN FILES button, browse for the VIDEO_TS folder, click it and click the OK button.

Im still having the same problem of importing the file into DVD shrink.
I did what you said BeardedKirklander but all I got was:

DVD shrink encountered an error
Failed to open file: “D:\moviename\Video_TS. IFO”
The system cannot find the file specified.

But I [B]can [/B] import it into my bundled burning software although it won’t allow me to burn as it is still 5.2 GB. Damn, so close.

i think I’ll have a go at finding out how to use Nero Recode!

So you ripped it with DVD Decrypter and it STILL gave you an error? Woah.

Done a drive error checking / fixing and tried pointing it to a different drive / folder when you rip?

I would try Recode (it’s written by the same guy who did Shrink) if you have it, but maybe download a Demo of Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5, which should be able to open up the project and let you create a new VIDEO_TS folder that might be more compliant.

Have you tried running FIXVTS on the ripped folder?

Use FixVTS on ripped files. This tool will eliminate all protections and you can load ripped files on dvd shrink.

If I understanbd correctly, ripit4me crashed before you could do the fixvts pass, and this explain why you still can’t load files in dvd shrink. Are you sure to have latest version of ripit4me?

Yeah ripit4me updates itself as soon as its opened, far as I can tell.

I had one failed attempt with Nero Recode (reducing 5.2 down to 1.8 !! It might be that I took out [B]too much[/B] this time) late last night but I will definitely try FixVTS.

Thanks for all your input.


All DVDs are copying fine now.

The one extra thing I did was to tick ‘Remove tiny cells’ under Ripit4me preferences. Although it has only[B] not [/B] shut itself down once since changing the preferences, DVD Shrink is having none of the problems I was having before, shrinking down to between 59% and 67% on average which quality wise is adequate, although noticeably deteriorating at 59%.

Ps. I tried using Ripit4me on and offline but it didn’t seem to matter either way.

I might try and find out (for curiosity’s sake) what the problem is by going on the ‘Ripit’ forum but for the time being it’s working so all’s well.

thanks for all the advice,


Thanks for the follow-up. :slight_smile: