Shrink32 wont burn, please help

Ive Just installed Shrink 3.2 on my new laptop and it dosent let me select my
Burner (d:) when its finished analysing and then decoding. I have Nero installed, just like I used to on my old computer, but it only lets me select ISO image or Hardisk Folder. Please help me.


What version of Nero are you using?

Go into preferences & check the “Enable burning with Nero” box. That could do it.

Thanx 4 ur reply but ive done that. Nero 5.5.

And where did Nero 5.5 come from? It’s quite likely that it was an OEM version specifically for your original burner in your old PC & now won’t recognise the burner in your new laptop.

In Nero itself does it recognise the burner? That really could be the key.

did nero 5 even support dvd burning?

you can either upgrade to get dvd shrink to call up nero or you can save to files or ISO then burn those files manually.

I’f I rember Nero 5 did support dvd but only on the last few updates.
Nero had a lot of propriatary versions that would ony let you use it with the DVD burner that it came with. It could also be that the version is to old to recognize your new burner. You can still get Nere 6 at some local computer part stores for about $5.00. I would suggest trying to find one (not at stores like CompUSA or Best Buy but a local store that builds and repairs computers and and sells parts)
I did see a thead in the bargain basement part of our forum that someone had Nero 7 for $20. you might look there. Nero 7 is still a little buggy because it is new.
Check out post #5 Here