Shrink won't work after decrypter rips to harddrive

Hi there!

I usually re-author and shrink DVDs with “DVD Shrink” as an ISO-file first, and burn them with “Decrypter” then. That is working very well.

However, some DVDs seem to have an invalid structure for “DVD-Shrink” but I can rip them with Decrypter to my harddrive. Now my question. How can I then transfer the rip from the harddrive to a DVD-bank? After using decrypter, the movie is still too large and needs to be re-authored and shrinked. But I cannot use “DVD-Shrink” for it for some reason. It wont allow that. Perhaps because “DVD-decrypter” does not create an AUDIO_TS folder? It only creates a VIDEO_TS-folder that contains IFO, BUP and VOB files.

Can anyone help?

Thanks /Felix

Hi, im new at this but if i understand your question right , I use nero then, you can shrink it ,take out extras…

Thanks!!! Which version of Nero do yu use? Is it freeware?

Nero came with my dvd burner, , i will give you more info later got to get to work . i hope this helps for now ,

Try to use FixVTS on your ripped files. It’s free and you can find here

This tool should convert your ripped files in shrink compliant vobs