Shrink wont burn through Nero

Hi there…

I am hoping someone can help me out… :sad:

At home I copy DVD movies by backing up the movie through DVD Shrink and when completed Shrink automatically asks for a blank disk and burns the movie through Nero. :slight_smile:

I have the same software at work and go though the same process but once the files are backed up Shrink doent ask for a disk. I have checked the settings and they are enabled and the same.

  1. Is this because at work there the security is VERY tight?
  2. How do I fix the problem because the DVD’s I burn through work wont play???

Shrink creates Video and Audio files but I think I stuff the process when I manually try and burn the files in Nero… I must not be doing it quite right.


What’s the Nero versions do you use, both at home & at work?

Yes, there are some problems with some nero versions, for example i think with it should work.

You will get a TRF error when using Nero It cannot burn automatically and only manually (when backing up to a folder).

Use Nero as Rapid Fire has said.

Rapid is right get this version back and make sure dvd shrinks option box is checked where it says burn using nero as well.